Artillery Fire Simulation software (AFSS)

– VR App on Oculus Rift and Desktop Application.AFSS gives Bangladesh army artillery observers opportunity to exercise basic artillery shoots, technicalshoots, artillery fire plan in Multiplayer and also in virtual reality environment.I am responsible for coding, terrain development, multiplayer implementation using dedicated photonserver, gameplay mechanics, Enemy AI, lighting etc. as per requirement for development of…

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Thakka Center Data analysis App

VR App in HTC Vive platform for data visualization and analysis.I was responsible for all programming related tasks using C# and designing UI in Unity. This App usesSaudi Arabia’s population data for analyzing distribution of male, female, age group over 100 years.

VR for Community Paramedic Training

VR application in OculusGo platform for students and an Desktop App for course instructors. This application was built using Unity 3D wherein an interactive 3D model showcases different parts of the human anatomy. The teachers use the application during the class to give students an in-depth understanding of the human body and to provide better…

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